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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Getting to know me....

Getting to know all about me! This song will now be stuck in the back of my head all day.

My name is Dawn and I was born in southern California where I still reside.

A former restaurant manager about to marry an amazing cook I spend a great deal of time eating, or thinking about eating, or planning what we will eat next. Then I wonder why my clothes are shrinking.

I will someday own a home that will include our library. Since its always good to be prepared I started purchasing books faster than I am able to read them. This is a sickness I know and I must stop. And I will as soon as I fill the shelves of my library...the one that exists in the house of my dreams.

Wedding planning is in full effect, love is in the air, breast cancer is a battle fought and won and the future looks brighter than ever.

Why spontaeous clapping? Its something I do. I clap when I get excited, when I hear good news, when a great song comes on the radio and when I read a great book or blog. I clap when a fantastic meal hits the table. I clap in the car when I think about how lucky I am.

Its very odd and I try not to clap too much in public as it startles people. Mostly its just a tiny clap not a big applause. You really should try it sometime, its hard to clap and not smile.

So, hear I am. I want to remember every moment. So I thought I'd start this blog. I'll be blogging about the places we go, the things we do, the food we eat and my experience with breast cancer.

Besides, if rambling to the great interwebs relieves my patient fiance of any listening duties... well, then you may be the reason he survives our marriage.


  1. lol, I think its cute that you are a spontaneous clapper and I think you are right. Its hard to clap and not have even a little smirk on your face :)

  2. Having fought and won the battle against cancer, I believe you are entitled to clap whenever you feel the urge.

    Clap away, please.

    Weather Moose

    PS - Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I love your blog name, and your habit. I do that too. But, I'm more of a cryer. My Mom finally named it. She said my Mamaw (that's Texan for grandmother.) used to call it, "gettin' blessed". That's what I do. I cry when I get blessed. I cry at Hallmark commercials, blogs, fireworks, whenever a child sings.

    So, I love it. Keep on clappin'.

  4. My son, who is 8 months old, has just started sponataneously clapping. When he does it, we all join in. And I just realized, from reading your post, that we never do it without big smiles on our faces. :o)

  5. I love that clapping phase, it is so adorable.

    And I can be a cryer too. Now I know its when I'm "gettin' blessed".

  6. You are absolutely adorable. Congratulations on winning the breast cancer battle and your wedding planning.

    Almost a year ago I had a scare with a cervical cancer - I had to go as far as surgery. My last appointment was clear, but am not out of the clear yet. With a husband and 3 children...a scare like that certainly puts your life into perspective.

  7. It certainly does put life in perspective. hers to your good health!

  8. Um... I meant here is. Lets toast again!

  9. This was good to read...thanks! congrats on being breast cancer free...! my mom is a 12 year survivor, and I know how hard the fight can are a winner sweetie! you can clap all you want...! :)

  10. Hi Dandy! I heard about your blog from Kim Bennett; she is my hairdresser as well. Congratulations on being cancer-free! I am starting my own blog as well AND I am Japanese/American. Kim was telling me about the 1001 cranes and I told her I had them at my wedding as well! Although, mine were sent from my Japanese relatives; I cannot imagine having to make them myself! Mine were just strung into a cascade and I had them hanging behind my cake table. I also had small cookies sent from my Japanese relatives. These cookies were in the form of turtles (symbolizing longevity) and pine needles (symbolizing togetherness). When you pull a pine needle off a pine tree they always come out in twos, attached to each other! I love browsing around your blog; we have so much in common. Also, in the pictures where you are holding the mochi, your thumb looks exactly like mine! I feel we are happa sisters! Looking forward to more fun stories and great foodie content!

  11. Hi Susan! Your comments totally mad me laugh, and thank you sooo much for commenting. Please let me know when you have your blog up so I can come visit!

    I love the stories about the turtle and the pine needles but I think the best part of your story is where you have family that make the cranes for you. Can they adopt me?

  12. I'm literally clapping while reading your blog. It is that fantastic.


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