Saturday, February 26, 2011

The very long car ride

taken with my camera phone

Did I mention that the drive to Sacramento last weekend took us 10 hours? Somehow this is the only photo I really have of the drive up. I think I was too busy blowing my nose, sleeping and worrying the Peanut would throw a fit at any given time.

It doesn't normally take 10 hours but with weather, a detour and three 30 minute baby breaks that's what we clocked.

taken in Sacramento

B had to work so he was flying in later to meet us. My parents, the Peanut and I drove with all of our supplies. Packing for kids is crazy.

10 hours and Peanut was a fantastic traveller. About 8 hours in he started to get fussy but who can blame him. My dad just pulled over and we got him out of the car seat for a while.


At the stops we would feed, change and play with him. Once we put him back in the car seat he would play with whoever was sitting next to him. Eventually he would just stare at you, hands wrapped around your fingers and then fall asleep.

On the car ride home

I wish I would have taken a picture of the cab. It was total chaos with pillows and blankets and baby stuff and burp rags and books and a breast pump and a diaper bag and bottles of water...

you get the picture.


Look at those beefy hands.


Anyway, we left with even more stuff then we came with. In addition to the gifts Peanut received at the party (the most spoiled loved child ever) his grandparents and aunt and uncle sent us home with things that were his cousin's.

The entire back of my dad's truck was packed along with all floor space in the cab.

Anyone spy B's care package at the bottom?


There you go... there's the close-up. That's in our fridge right now.

Only B has already eaten the ears.

We have a pig's head with no ears in our refrigerator... don't you?


This has nothing to do with the post.


I just didn't want to leave you with a visual of a pig's head creepily wrapped in plastic.

Only I just reminded you of it.

Hey check out the guns on that guy.

And by guns I mean rolls and creases.


  1. Cute little peanut is growing so fast!!!
    We dont' ahvae ears and head in the refrigerator, but we do have feet. Well they were feet, hubby cooked them into head cheese. I just didn't blog about it . . .I thought for some city folks in might be TMI.
    Have a great weekedn!

  2. Every time I see Peanut pictures I just want to squeeze him.

    And it took me a minute to figure out what was in the plastic bag. Pig's ears are particularly tasty. But then I will eat just about anything....except liver.

  3. Those aren't rolls and creases! They're biceps!
    It's amazing how well babies travel!

  4. Oh Dawn he is just the cutest ever! I love his smile. One time for a family reunion they had a pig roast. Needless to say, I walked up towards the "display" and abruptly did an about face. I just couldn't go there. LOL.

  5. Oh my peanut fix this morning:) You guys are brave doing a LONG car ride like that with such a little. I'm sure he did awesome.

  6. So happy the trip went well!!! Peanut is so cute!!! Driving now?!! luvuallbye

  7. You are a brave mama! I can hardly stand a trip to Target with my kids, much less a 10 hour car ride.
    Glad you guys made it there and back safe.
    and um... pig head?

  8. if we have a 4 hr drive, we plan for 8. ha! so nice he traveled so great for you! that is awesome :) not so bad if baby is happy...

  9. Im really happy that Peanut did such a good job of travelling for so long! Relative to his little life so far it must have felt REALLY long :-) Im sure it was all worth it in the end - If I wasnt a mum I would have just said "FLY LADY" but knowing how much stuff you need for one tiny human, Its just NOT worth it! Yay for family time :)

  10. Ahhahaha!! Okay, that was funny. I'm all freaked out by the bagged porky head (and the fact that ears were EATEN) but the pictures of Peanut are so cute, it made up for it. :o) The first picture made me laugh out loud. He looks like he's having so much fun being a rebel! And then the very last picture is tooo cute for words. Too cute.

  11. What on earth does B do with that head?? DOes he really eat all of it? DOes he make something from parts of it, or just kind of gnaw on things like eyeballs? I have to know!!

  12. After 8 hours in?! My goodness what a trooper. And a cute one at that!!

    And no, I don't have a pigs head, I have pig tails though? Don't you?

  13. I agree with LMM what does B do with the head?


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