Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Are you lookin' at me?


It's funny how some days seem to go by without much to make them stand out. The other day I realized I hadn't spoken out loud for 3 hours. Feeding, changing diapers, rocking to sleep, scrambling for a shower, the usual.


Other days seem to fly by with one new discovery after another. A week or so ago the boys really started to pay attention to each other. They stare, they smile, they talk.

They are both developing such unique personalities.


Yesterday we took a walk thru target with him in a carrier and he was so excited on the toy aisle. He smiled, waved his arms and kicked his legs.

He's learning to control his giant noggin which is awesome.


Later in the day we did some more tummy time on the couch. He started to lean to the side so I transferred him to the floor....

and he rolled over.

My baby. My little Peanut.

He moved all by himself. Not just moving of the limbs or accidentally falling over. He moved his entire little body into a different position in a different space.

Talk about spontaneous clapping! I think he might be gifted. You see, there is some advantage to having a head in the 75th percentile. The weight helps you gain the momentum you need to flip over.

He even did it a couple times for grandma and showed off to daddy too.

Peanut also gave me attitude today. I was trying to get him to take his binky before we got in the car but he clearly didn't want it. He spit it out, gave an angry grunt and actually glared out me. Then I grounded him for life.

Pretty soon we'll be shipping him off to college.


  1. Oh, you're fun is just beginning! : ) What a cutie!!

  2. Rolling over ,,,how awesome!!! Best buds ,,,how cute!!! luvuallbye

  3. Oh my goodness!! He looks just like B in that photo of him in the highchair.

    I love that his is so close in age to his cousin. Hopefully this will be the start of an awesome friendship! :)

  4. So much precious in one spot ... what cuties.

  5. Amazing the little things they discover, and how important they are.

  6. They are just darling!

    It's cool enough when they do something new, but when they will repeat it for others (so you don't look like a big liar), now that's just amazing!

  7. You say that, but I PROMISE in 18 years you will look back and say that again while you bawl your eyes out!! YEA! for rolling over---whohoo!!! Did you ever decide to get Project Life? Just checking!!! I'm loving mine....

  8. Wow, time is flying! He's holding his head up and rolling over! Is he driving, does he have a favorite liqueur? ;-)


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