Friday, February 11, 2011

Big Flat Head


My baby has a big noggin. A big noggin just like his daddy and my daddy too.

A noggin in the 75th percentile. He's a big boy in general with his weight in the 75 percentile and his height (which was in the 100%) was in the 95 percentile at his 2 month check up.


Unfortunately his poor head has taken on an interesting shape.


It's growing increasingly flat in the back. Poor thing.

I'm starting to obsess over it.

I'd like to point this out to the people that say we hold the baby too much and ask how his head got so flat :)


We've been doing lots and lots of tummy time and he doesn't seem to mind it.

He still seems to favor one side when he is on his back but not as much as before. He always sleeps with his head facing the same direction and no matter how many times I turn it he will turn it right back.


I'm not sure what else to do at this point but we have his 4 month check up on the 28th.

Until then I'll see if there is anything else on the internet I haven't read about it :)

My little man, your head may be big but it's still awfully cute!


  1. Oh man, he is flippin' lovely! We too have a big head thing going on. Dan was just like Peanut - only slept on one side and had not just a flat head but a totally wonky head!!!! I remember talking to my health visitor about it and she looked a bit surprised and said that maybe when he had more hair it would hide it!!!!!!

    When he was about 10wks we bought a little baby pillow but I don't think it did much. His head is now just fine. Still big though - poor boy gets really stuck when he wears hoodies! Jemima looks to be taking after him...

    He's so strong - you're doing so much better at tummy time than we are! Xxx

  2. Hold a baby too much? Naaah! And I love that little flat head--too cute. In a year-- you'll forget this was ever a concern. He is adorable. Hold him extra today for me!

  3. He is just too cute! I remember one couple who had a baby and I remember the Dad telling me that they would turn the baby's head in several positions as he slept so he would not get a flat head. I don't know if it worked or not but I remember him telling me about doing it.

  4. I love that last picture! So cute!

  5. There is no way you can hold a baby too much! Those people are just jealous! ;) They make some mini boppy type things for babies to sleep on that is *supposed* to help with the whole flat head thing. Now, if they work is another story...have you tried swapping ends of the the bassinet/crib? If you lay him another direction he might be more apt to turn his head the other way.

  6. So cute!!! luvuallbye

  7. Once he starts to roll over consistantly his little head will round out a bit. Babies skulls are not fully formed and the different pieces shift around.
    If it really bothers you there are these helmets on the market that you put on the baby when they sleep so that their head isn't flattened by the bed. I've never actually seen anyone use one, but they are out there.
    Really, it's not something to worry over and will straighten out over time. You never saw it before "Back to Sleep" became the norm, but it is very common now.
    My little one loves checking on Peanut. She gets a kick out of watching him grow. I can't have a little brother for her so she is living vicariously through him. Thanks for sharing him with us.

  8. The pictures of those two cuties just crack me up. The expressions are hilarious! My girlfriend totally obsessed about her daughter's head. Discussed it with her doctor, fretted about it. Then one day her mother looked at the grandaughter's head and remarked, It's just like her grandpa's. That baby is now 18 years old and drop dead gorgeous!

  9. I worried about my first the same way. I finally asked the doc and he didn't seem concerned.
    Just check with him at the next appointment. I'm sure he's fine.
    You hold that baby as much as your little heart desires. He is too cute.
    Tummy time is great. If he doesn't seem to mind, do it as much as possible.

  10. Okay that child is the most darling little baby I've ever seen... and I've seen a LOT and I LOVE every baby, so you know that's saying something!! I love his little head! I love that it's flat... mine is flat too. :)

    I've missed you by the way... been a mad house around here with packing and stuff... but I love ya!

  11. He's absolutely perfect, flat head and all!


    Grandma RMW

  12. Oh he is so cute! My daughter would only sleep with her head facing to the left, and was getting a noticeable flat spot. I ended up getting a 'Love Pillow' (terrible name!)for her to sleep on and her head rounded out really well.

  13. Lol might actually be called the 'Love Nest'.

  14. Seriously cute! I smiled with glee at the first photo and I'm still laughing out loud at the next two.

    The male twin was born with a full head of hair, that he never lost....except for the big bald patch on the back of his head. He sported that 'do for a few months thanks to his mom putting him 'back to sleep". : )

  15. AHHAHAA!! The pictures with the thought bubbles gave me the biggest laugh!! So funny! Aw, Peanut is so cute I can barely stand it! Sophie had a flat head on one side, because that's how she always slept, on her side. She doesn't look like that now. :o) The doc was adamant that we keep turning her head while she slept. Yeah. Right. We did our best, but I think she just grew out of it on her own.

  16. Ha!!! Well if it makes you feel better, Jake's head has always been in the 95% and his body was right no target. His last visit (9mo) his head was still at 95 but his body weight went down to less than 50%!!! The dr said not to worry since he was more mobile so that he is burning it off. We go back next month for his ONE YEAR (gasp!)check up and hopefully the kid is proportioned. All I know is that when he is awake, he NEVER stops moving. Its true what they say, enjoy this peaceful, somewhat immobile stage...HA!!


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