Friday, May 21, 2010

Wait, we're newlyweds?

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Sometimes I forget that we're newlyweds. B and I have been together for a long time and we've lived together a couple of years. I can safely say that for at least the last 3 years I waited very patiently for the proposal.

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Actually if we must be honest, I gave B a deadline. We looked at rings in June and by September I was downright antsy. So I wrote in huge letters on the calendar that he had until December 31st to propose. Or. Else.

Patience is indeed a virtue. One that B has and I do not. I'm learning, I just wish I could learn faster.

He did, of course, or we wouldn't be enjoying the nice, blissful marriage we are. It wouldn't be blissful because I might have dragged him to the church and forced him to marry me at gun point. It would have been a very small gun and easy to hide because I think the church generally frowns on forced marriage. Thankfully I did not have to hide a weapon in my bouquet. Now when I think of our wedding day I think of laughter.

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Majority of our photos from the day show us laughing. Friends laughing, family laughing, B & I laughing. So far that joy and laughter has continued on every day. I want to keep that alive.

It seems that even though we've been married less than six months we've already slid out of the role of newlyweds and into another role. The role of expectant parents. I guess I have a hard time focusing on more than one life changing event at a time!

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Not that I don't like this role, I really love it. I've always looked forward to pregnancy. Now that I'm showing, B seems to have a new sense of awe, it's a different reality. I love the way he talks to the baby and rubs my belly and how we send each other messages from Peanut. ~sniffle~ We're total dorks.

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I just have to remember to just soak up this first year of being married. I need to soak up this time of just the two of us. Err... 2 1/2 of us. Sometimes life is moving so fast that it's hard to appreciate the events as they pass us by.

Appreciating a certain time in our lives can be a challenge. Sometimes it's about appreciating the day I've had or just appreciating that the day I've had is over and tomorrow is a new one.

Another day with B is a good one. Did you know we're married?!!!

What do you appreciate right now?


  1. sunny weather, having a LAWN for the boys to run around on (it's new!), a kind husband who makes me cups of tea even though he doesn't drink it, Jesus, funny children, iron tablets, I'm so grateful for this new life growing in me and can't stop wondering what her little face will be like!!!!

  2. My children, the peace in my home, our health, and finding your blog with the recipe for those incredibly luscious looking lemon bars! Will definitely be making us a batch of those tomorrow with lemons from our tree (oh yeah, appreciating that lemon tree right now, too.) Love your blog -- great sense of humor and photos. Congratulations on your marriage and the precious bundle you're carrying. May you all be blessed.

  3. I love, love, love this post! I love seeing the pics of you and B laughing. :)

    What do I appreciate right now? That early morning kiss from C when he wakes up and I'm still drowsy. It's the quiet "us" moment before J & Z come into our room and climb all over us and our day begins.

    Enjoy "us" time before your little peanut comes. Life is a whole new ballgame with a little one. A different adventure, a different kind of blessedness. :)

  4. Oh I love this post, especially today of all days as in about 9 hours we will gain a son-in-law. And I love walking through this journey of yours, even if it is just vicariously.

  5. I love your pictures. You two made me smile with all your happiness. Keep it up, enjoy the journey.

  6. I think laughter is what carries a healthy marriage through. You are a gorgeous couple and no doubt that baby is going to have you laughing and glowing for the rest of your lives.
    Right now I appreciate the last 4 days of my pregnancy, my nervous husband, and my mom and friends who think I'm too fragile to do anything on my own right now! I also appreciate my cats, who are going to have their world turned upside down and they don't even know it... :)

  7. Laughter! Laughter is a main component of our marriage. It helps that Hubby is a natural. I think that was one of the first things about him that drew me to him. Twenty-one years later, we're still laughing.

  8. Beautiful post and too often we forget to enjoy the moment, don't we?

    Right now I enjoy children who still want to hug me and snuggle with me and tell me they love me very much and that they missed me all day. These days are numbered and I know I will miss them, but I also know they will be replaced by other wonderful moments and so from the time of infancy, I have reminded myself to enjoy the good at each stage and forget the bad. Life is way too short.

  9. Lovely. It's so important to take stock!

    Right now I appreciate my friends, who support me and listen to me whine, and the sunshine for making me feel happier than I might otherwise, and for my fantastic kid who still tells me she loves me every day.

  10. I love your laughter pics. I love that your married and have a belly. heee.

    Thankful for my honey. He loves his boys. Thankful for projects and jobs to hold us over. Thankful that today there are no tornado warnings.

    But I really appreciate that yesterday I made myself chocolate cake. Amen

  11. I adore you and B. Altough I have never met him, I love that he makes you so happy. Appreciation is something I know I should do every day, but days pass and I forget. So I am so happy to see you are taking a moment to step back and remember yes... you are married and that is AWESOME!!! I appreciate my husband who is working so hard to allow me to stay home with our children. :)

  12. That's great that the two of you share laughter each day. And wow...a little one on the way! Congrats.

  13. So sweet, keep that laughter cause you will need it when the wee one comes!!!

  14. I appreciate you and this reminder to be patient and take one day at a time and not get caught up in what tomorrow might hold, because I just got done posting an email to a friend saying...

    You know what? I'm just going to paste part of it here.
    "Moving is a totally emotional thing! Our house has been actively listed on the market now 3 days with out even one call and I'm panicking. THREE days girl. I feel like such an idiot because I realize three days isn't very long at all and how impatient am I??? I'm just afraid that someone else will buy this house we want while we are waiting for ours to sell and then we'll be stuck needing a month to month place that accepts dogs which will force us to a grody apartement on Texas street where my children will be talked into buying drugs from our neighbors upstairs and downstairs or accepting little stickers laced with LSD. Yeah. I know... I take things to their extreme. LOL I'm not very good at waiting patiently. Which is why your email encouraged me. I know God cares about all the tiny details. He just moves really slow on them for my timing."

    See? Your post was just what I needed. Thanks.

  15. I appreciate looking at pictures of you two "love dorks" waiting for your little one to come along and turn you into a family!

    Thanks for making me smile today, I needed it...


  16. Such a sweet post! I loved seeing some of the other wedding photos I haven't yet seen. Such beauty in all that laughter.

  17. I love that you took pictures of you and B and wove them throughout this post just like laughter, I pray for this and love for you both. Remember these times when life takes an unexpected turn at times. Stay united and it will bring you through that storm so much quicker.

    I am thankful for my faith in God. It sustained me and allowed me to finally get the answers to my mystery pain and now healing. Without it, I would still be struggling through my days.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  18. I love the beautiful photos of your wedding.

    My hubby and I will celebrate 19 years next month and we still laugh almost every single day!

    We need more belly pics too please.

  19. You both look so genuinely happy in the pics. It made me think of something my aunt said to me in the receiving line the day I married. She hugged me tight and whispered in my ear: When the hard times come, and yes, they come into every marriage, always remember how happy you were on this day.

    I treasured that advice and pass it on to you both. There is no doubt you have much happiness to remember from that day. Jaxx

  20. I love this-it's so easy to get caught up in the craziness of life. It's so important to remember to appreciate the little moments.
    I love that you send each other messages from the Peanut. You two are adorable!

    I am appreciating all the little moments with Match right now. He may soon be on his way to sheriff academy and I'll see a lot less of him (even less than I already do). I'm also trying to appreciate the engaged life because in 3 months we'll be married and all this planning and fun will be over!

  21. You're going to be an amazing mom (& B's gonna rock the Dad, thing!) I can definitely see that patience thing happening for you the moment you have peanut.

  22. I am appreciating the City Boy right now, for all the same reasons you appreciate B.

    Also, you reminded me of an episode of "Bridezillas" that I watched last year while doing my own wedding planning. Apparently, there was a bride-to-be who anticipated the need for security at her wedding & purchased a tiny little pistol to be concealed in her cleavage for the day. So WEIRD!!

  23. Sounds like you've got a good perspective on things. I still have moments after being married for 17 years that I stop and say "What?!? We're married? When did that happen?" Enjoy!

    Love those photos!


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