Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The search for modern nursery furniture

owls sky crib set

Very much like my wedding I have an idea of the style I'm looking for in a nursery. Apparently it's a little off the norm as far as nurseries go.

Now that we know the baby is a boy I've started mulling over my decor ideas. I'm a bit of a style spaz when it comes to what I like. I call it eclectic. I've realized what I'm most drawn to in mid-century modern decor. I like mod but in a warm and inviting way. I like quirky and mismatched but I think you alrady knew that. Add in a few vintage and retro finds and I'm a happy girl.

Quite a few of you are familiar with Apartment Therapy but have you ever been on ohdeedoh? You must tour their kids rooms! I've looked at all of them...all the way back to 2007...for inspiration.
mod crib 899
So I started by looking at modern cribs and found two things. 1. Mod furniture is not as easy to find as you think and 2. It's not the norm for nurseries so it can get crazy expensive

Shown is the Oeuf Crib for $889. I'm guessing Oeuf is name of the sound that came out of my mouth when I read the price tag... like the sound getting punched in the stomach.
mod crib1 400
Don't let the simple lines and starkness throw you... nurseries are supposed to be fun and mine will be no exception.

This is the Babyletto Mercer crib and it converts into a toddler bed for $399.
Realistically I think I'll be forgoing a real mod crib for a nice clean-lined convertible like this Davinci Piedmont crib.

It converts from this into a toddler bed and then into a twin frame as well for about $236. I mean.. it converts into a full scale twin size bed!
oeuf birch 1100
I'm really loving the 2-toned details on these dressers although I had my reservations about it only being wide enough for the changing pad.

Also by Oeuf for....wait for it.......$1100. But I think we should get it because those little legs on the bottom must be made of platinum.
babyletto dresserchanger 399
This Babyletto Modo dresser is suddenly looking extremely thrifty at $399!
ikea dresser
I'm thinking that this Ikea dresser will be perfect with a changing pad on one side and room for necessities on the other. Twice the amount of dresser for $199.
changing tray 310
I had to just throw this picture in because I make myself laugh. The front is made of walnut and I thought it an extremely good deal at $310. Made by Spot on Square this eco-friendly dresser is actually $1290... the changing table attachment is $310.
dwell gio 360
On to bedding... this picture and the one on top are from Dwell Studio who I adore. I love the clean style, crisp color and mod repeated designs.

I just don't want to spend $360 for a crib bedding set.
Luckily they also make DwellStudio for Target. I'm loving this circle and dot design and praying that it becomes available again.

I think it will go perfectly with the mod dot and bicycle theme I'm planning in my head.

Did you have a style or theme for your baby's/kid's rooms?


  1. We ended up with the Da Vinci Emily convertible crib. That's the only new piece of furniture in the nursery. We found two closely matching dressers at a flea market. One skinny and tall, the other short and wide. Then we had her dad build a top for the short dresser that fits neatly over the shorter dresser for the changing pad and necessities. It just sits on top so we can take it off when he no longer needs it and we can still use it. I can send you a picture of it if you're interested...simple to make.

    Weather Moose

  2. We got a PALI crib... which both kids were in for less than 1 year, before both moved on to a proper bed (trundle bed, they're sharing a room).

    A changing table is a good investment; your back will seriously thank you.

  3. Check craigslist! We bought a convertible crib and nice dresser that doubled as a changing table for $500 bucks. Also, I *think* it was that did a feature on mod nursery furniture for less, you'll have to check out their archives. I know I saw a blog article on that not too long ago. I just can't remember where...
    I like the idea of using a dresser as a changing table, as long as it's the right height it will work perfect, and you don't have to worry about storing it later. Not to mention modern dressers and the like are probably a lot cheaper with more of a selection. Planning the nursery is so fun! I can't wait to find out if we're having a boy or girl, because if it's a girl I'm seriously thinking about redoing our 2nd bedroom into a room for her.

  4. Ah, heck, buy the expensive stuff with platinum feet! B will pay! (Runs away very quickly before anyone throw vegetables)

  5. Oh girl, you can always consign things and get lots of your cash back after you are done having kids! This totally looks like you, and Oh so cute~!! I say splurge... it's your first! :)

  6. Go for it girlie. I love it all. Your baby is gonna be one hip child!

  7. My one and only baby was born in the 1970s. A hand-me-down crib. A bath towel thrown on the floor served as a changing table. No play pen. No car seats. Simply a diaper bag when going out and about.

    But, hey, I love today's options! And I'm anxious to see your completed nursery!

    Don't forget a rocking chair!

  8. Ikea, Ikea, Ikea. Seriously. And you can always buy a changing pad and throw it on top of any dresser that fits it. I'm sure you could find a less expensive mod dresser without the changing table on top, and then you can use it forever. -Holly

  9. so cute, love all the rooms you showed...I did squares and circles, brown and white, I don't like most of the bedding boys have, we aren't a sports family or thomas the train, so now we have VW buses and little hints of orange, brown and blue, it works, and he should grow up in that room just fine I think! can't wait to see what you throw together!!

  10. I love modern furniture but with twins it was defiantelly too expensive to buy Oeff.. on the other had Netto Collection makes a less expensive version called Cub. Maybe that will work ?

  11. Pst.

    Guess what.

    I have a pattern for crib fact I have a pattern for an ENTIRE SET.

    And I quilt.

    I KNOW!!!!

    We should talk. :)

  12. My sister in law has taste likes yours...they found a great crib for them at Ikea. She loved that circle design and has bought things from that collection already. We went standard, with a Noah's Ark them, with animals. I wanted bold boy colors and animals.

  13. Fun stuff! Can't believe the prices...I got Bug's changing table behind a dumpster. No jokes. A little paint and a hardware change and it was good to go! :o) Bug's room is a garden theme with a picket fence & bugs painted around the room. Bex has a complete, full throttle aviation theme in his room. It's been so fun getting stuff--a framed poster of WW2 airplanes, and old book on Amelia Earheart, a P51-emblazened light switch cover, a comforter with biplanes--to die for!
    Dee's room has yet to blossom, but I've got ideas--it'll be girly and have an old-soul feel. Her big girl bed will have my quilt from my childhood bed, and the walls will have these adorable impressionist paintings of little girls that I got from my Nana.
    I too love Dwell Studio for Target! I can't wait to see what you do for the nursery. Know it will be utterly fab.

  14. My advice (just my 2 cents) don't buy an expensive crib because your little boy could chew the sides like mine did:)

    I love all your ideas!

  15. Dawn,

    WOW cribs sure have come a long way. I vote for one that is duel purpose. Either with a built in dresser added since babies sleep between half way up and closer to the top, the bottom half literally goes to waste. Or the one that can convert into a toddler bed later.

    I think you have great taste so I am so excited to see what you pick. Perhaps some great company will see fit to offer you free baby stuff to review for FREE! Any takers?

    Are you going to host a Blog Baby Shower?

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  16. Dawn you can sew crib sheets and pack and play sheets, I just posted about it recently. It's very inexspensive. You can get some adorable dot fabric at JoAnn's Fabric if they have that near you. You can even have curtains sewn to match then. Ikea has some good prices for cribs with a modern feel. I've been lucky enough to use my crib with all 3 kids so the 400.00 I spent was money well used.

    Some advice though, really research your stroller you plan to get and keep in mind if you plan to have more kids because going from a single to double stroller is an added investment. I wish someone had advised me because I would have spent more money up front for a better stroller. If I had it to do again I would have gotten a phil and ted's with the extra attatchment for a second kid... still wanting one but making do with a crappy combi side by side... hate pushing it through doors and it isn't living up to our active lifestyle of travels and adventures. I actually have to replace the wheels as they've all worn out, sigh!

  17. I am so jealous. I know I've mentioned this before, but it's totally no fair that you already know the sex of your baby, when I'm a few weeks AHEAD of you, and I still have no freaking clue! Although, on June 3rd, we'll know who we're dealing with! (yay!)

    I am also jealous because you have some sort of OWNERSHIP on your style which is completely unique and cool. I am a bafoon of style proportions.

  18. I haven't been blogging for a while thus not doing too much reading either, so now I see that you are expecting! HOW FUN! Congrats! I am so excited for you both, and I LOVE those dots on the bedding - adorable! It is so fun to pick out baby stuff - have fun!

  19. Nice pics.. I have recently purchased a crib that has a button . When pressed the crib converts itself to a small bed.. Technology is spreading its wings everywhere.. :)))


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