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The Hub

Did you know that I'm really all over the great interwebs?

Here is a guide to my hideouts:


*Real Food  *Real Flavor *Recipes for your little one

Food lovers that B and I are, we wanted Peanut to experience
 tasty, wholesome, healthy and flavorful foods.

On this site I share recipes for your little ones and for the whole family.


The Savvy Source is an awesome website with everything from preschool ratings, parenting columns, fun children's activities and my favorite...
a gorgeous, customizable daily events list for family-friendly activities in your area.

I write articles on Orange County activities to do with your kids!
Read my articles HERE.


After years in the restaurant industry (in which I still work), having met my husband in one, my passion for food only seems to increase yearly...monthly....okay, daily.

With a camera in one hand and a fork in the other, I've taken to documenting all our Orange County culinary adventures for OC Metro.
My food blog is called Eating the Orange.

Keep an eye on this page... there are more projects in the works!

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