Sunday, March 4, 2012

A day on my own


On Friday morning I woke up to the sound of an incoming text message.
Before opening my eyes I felt his fingers twitching lightly against my arm as he slept.

I love this hour or two when he's sleeping between us.
Well, most of the time I love it.  
When he's not rolling around, when he's not all elbows and heels in my ribs.

I checked my phone, a message from work, and then I remember that B and Peanut were headed to Sacramento for the weekend.

I got out of bed, showered, did my hair, put on my make-up and got dressed.
A long maxi skirt (as comfy as yoga pants but so much cuter and more socially acceptable in public), a tank, a light, loose v-neck cardigan worn open and sandals.
I looked in the mirror approvingly.

I tried not to think of how it would be without my Peanut all weekend.

We went to the airport where I hugged Peanut repeatedly and probably too hard all the way to the gate.
In the rush of boarding B almost forgot to pause and say goodbye to mommy which he never would have heard the end of.  The nerve.

I walked away telling myself not to cry... it's only a weekend.
They'll be back Sunday night.


From the airport I stopped by the cafe (work) and then to the El Toro library to pick up a book I had on hold.  It's a no nonsense sort of place that is tiny and not all that fun to wander around as it's really only one big room.

I decided to head over to another, larger and newer library to soak in the quiet and the smell of books.
I'd been eyeing it as I drove past for months but never had the time to go in and browse.

Oh how times have changed.  I finally get a moment alone and all I really want to do is wander a bookstore/ library and eat without being rushed or interrupted.

Picnik collage

When I got to the library I realized that it was closed until 1 pm because of a farmer's market in front.

I had 2 hours until opening and decided to stay because why the heck not- I'm all by myself!

The sun was shining and warm on my back and the fragrance of herbs pulled me to the nursery's booth.

I ended up walking away with 2 different types of thyme (lemon and lime) that I have no idea what to do with but made me happy regardless.

I hope I can keep them alive.

Anyone have lemon and/or lime thyme suggestions?


There were several food trucks and lots of little food booths but I could not resist the lobster roll.

I found a seat in the shade of tree, listened to the mellow guitar music and watched the people go by as I savored every last bite of this buttery, delicious piece of heaven.

I've never had a lobster roll before and you'll hear more about it on Tuesday.

Picnik collage

I wandered around a bit more and thought about how wonderful this day was already turning out.

Sure I missed my baby but days like this reminded me that I did have a life before Peanut.
Everyone needs a little time to themselves.

Then I saw a little one run past me and my heart did a little flip.

Picnik collage

I stopped and talked to vendors.  We had real conversations about their businesses, their passions and what a gorgeous Southern California day it was.  74° degrees with the perfect breeze.
I can't remember the last time I had time to wander around and talk to people for no reason.

This gentleman took me through a honey tasting and it really was interesting.
It's like tasting wine and learning the subtle differences in each one.
Bees are remarkable creatures.

I had 45 minutes to spare so I headed back to the car to sit in the passenger seat and read.
In the background was the sound of the guitar, children laughing and people in conversation.
I was parked just next to the food and my car was filled with the scent of garlic and butter.

I love the smell of garlic and butter.

Picnik collage

When the library finally opened I looked around quietly.
Big fireplaces, gorgeous views, sunlight and cozy chairs.

I forgot to go to one whole side as I got caught up in the new books section.

I wandered through the aisles picking up books I had on my too read list.

There was no rush whatsoever.

When I was a little, I always imagined the adult me having days like this.
Casually walking, good food, perfect atmosphere, browsing books 
with a basket of my market finds over my arm.  

I was thinking that very thought when I saw this book...
Picnik collage

and giggled quietly before I took a picture.
Apparently the adult-me still has plenty of the child-me still inside.  
Very mature.

The real title is Class Warfare, if you must know.  

When I finally went home I pulled out my bag of treats from the day and spread them on the table.
I stacked my books up nicely and thought about what to read next.
I made a dinner of pasta with lemon cream sauce and cilantro garnish... something B wouldn't be very interested in.

Unfortunately there wasn't any champagne (why hadn't I picked some up?) so I settled for cran-grape instead.  It was that or pedialyte.

B's mom called me to give me an update on my Peanut who was having a wonderful time being spoiled to pieces.  I pictured his giggles and smiles and curious looks.

I watched a movie (I'll admit it was Breaking Dawn, B will be so sad I already returned it) and then finished the rest of If I Stay, the book I had started earlier.

It was an absolutely wonderful day.
Sleeping that night would be a whole different story :)

When was the last time you spent a day to yourself?


  1. Always so great to see a post from you . . . it sounds like you has a delightful day as a single. Even though there was a bit of lament for the P.

    I agree, we each need alone time, and "just couple time" too . . .

  2. make the has a had please . . .

  3. That sounds like a really fun day. I sleep alone at least 4 nights a week and it STINKS. I love my alone time to get projects done during the day, but by nighttime I'm missing my hubby.


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