Friday, September 17, 2010

Maternity Sneak Peek


I'm not sure if you knew this already but I'm just the tiniest bit excited about being pregnant. It all started with the chemo-fied eggs and then it just grew and grew. OK, it actually all started with marrying the man of my dreams. Hmmm, that's not quite right because in all honesty B wasn't at all the man I had dreamt of. Does that sound bad? I will say that B is the perfect man for me. He is my most favoritest person in the whole wide world and I couldn't wish for a better man than him. ~hang on people, I feel a lot of rambling coming on~

The truth is that I have always looked forward to being pregnant. I've always thought about what it would be like to be carrying this baby.

I don't ever think about labor thankyouverymuch. I plan on thinking about it as little as humanly possible until it's actually happening. In fact, I think that's enough of even talking about it. I'm pretty sure the stork is just going to deliver my baby one night and I'll wake in the morning with a sweet little baby boy in my arms and washboard abs.

Not that I've ever had washboard abs... but I'm sure I will after the baby is here. Right? Right. One can dream.

I can't remember now if I had a point to this post.

Oh yes! The picture! I knew after the engagement shoot (that was actually less than a year ago- how weird is that?) that I would also have Adrienne do a maternity shoot if/when I got pregnant. She has now documented 3 life-changing events in our lives :)

She is sooo incredibly patient. I email her with these ideas and I show up with all these props and she is always so enthusiastic! We just did the shoot on Wednesday and she sent me the above picture already and I love it. I'm a bit shocked at how big that belly is but I love it still. I'm sure it's just the horizontal stripes that make me look so big in the middle.

I can't wait to see the rest of them and when I do you just know I'll be sharing them with you... as I always do.

So go check out Adrienne Gunde- the bestest photographer ever!


  1. oh flip!!!!! I am choked up and blinking - this is beautiful. Oh the joy!!!!

  2. Oh ... one more thing ...

    Would you stop by some time today?

    Love to you!

  3. That is gorgeous!!

    Hey, what Cottage Girl said...

    You *ahem* might want to swing over and visit me today! *heeheecanbarelycontainmyself*

  4. Oh how sweet! I love all those pics of you and B. Can't wait to see more. : )

  5. Sooooo cute! Love the pics in the trees, that is precious!

  6. Sweet picture. Very clever.

    Don't worry about the labor. I remember my panic over it. I was so scared that I wished I could have a do-over (and not be pregnant this time).

    Contractions build slowly. You will adapt.

    Best wishes.

  7. Beautiful picture! Congrats on your 1st pregnancy! And the best part is you are almost there! - love your "widget" with your baby count down....I just discovered the same one on another site and put it on my blog too (I am expecting in January). So much fun! :-)

  8. sooo sweet, love the pictures hanging, and you to are just way too cute!! yay, you are having a baby...yipee...don't worry about labor it is a breeze...{chuckle} seriously! :)

  9. Love your picture, I may have to steal that idea:) Happy Surprise Shower! Visit me when you get a chance. Hugs, Jennifer

  10. Hi...I'm visiting from Flat Creek Farm's blog :) :) She gave you a lovely mention, so I wanted to pop on over and say hi. Congrats on the new little one. Precious life :) :) Have a lovely weekend. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  11. Thank you for the nice smile this morning... :-) You have made my day. I love the photo so much.
    :-) :-)

  12. What a beautiful picture of a beautiful couple!! I agree, she is a phenomenal photographer. I'm sooo excited to see pictures of your handsome little Peanut after his arrival. And, guess what? You CAN have those washboard abs (or close!) after pregnancy!! Tammy

  13. I'm so freaking excited!!! I love that it's your shower day!!! Happy Baby Shower day! So wish we were all together eating cake, stealing clothespins from each other's collars every time someone said the word, "baby" and passing around sweet little peanuty gifts!

    Love you friend,

  14. I love that you're surrounded by pictures of yourselves and it looks like maybe family? I LOVE that idea. What an adorable couple. I love that you're documenting your lives through photos. These are going to be so precious for little Peanut. Can't wait to see the rest.

  15. Great photo Dandy! I laughed when I read your husband wasn't the man in your dreams. Neither was mine. I always dated tall, dark and handsome but then short and stocky (with major muscles) came walking by and stole my heart with how he treated me (that was 22 years ago.) God knew more then I did about who I needed. I'm so glad I listened to God, I've never been more happy and can't wait to spend the rest of my life with my husband. I prayed the same for you~♥

    P.S. I didn't worry about the labor either-It's fast forgotten after you are holding your precious pumpkin.

  16. Love that photo! Oh my goodness, you two are just the sweetest couple ever. I love the photos hanging from the tree. It's like you guys are in a cloud of your own lovely memories and happiness! The fact that there's a third person in the photo all packed up in his little peanut shell just adds to the beauty of the photo.

  17. You look amazing. Absolutely amazing!

  18. She takes such wonderful pictures! Will she be photographing pics of Peanut?

  19. So happy for you! You look so very much in love still. Happy parents make happy babies!

  20. Love these photos! You're just the most beautiful pregnant woman I've ever seen!

  21. She should be at the birth. The story of your lives (life) caught by her lens.
    It's a beautiful are beautiful!
    And I read (late) about your wonderful. :)

  22. love love love your picture! so creative and lovely.

    I actually had a stork deliver my baby...Dr. Storck...I almost didn't believe they told me the right name when I had my first appointment with her. I decided right then that God had a sense of humor.


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