Monday, March 22, 2010

Really, this is the last of the Ferry Building.


If you aren't already convinced to check out the Ferry Building in San Francisco I must also tell you about the farmer's market.

We acutally missed it but it happens every Tuesday, Thursday from 10 am-2 pm and Saturday
from 8 am-2 pm. I hear it is amazing. I can only imagine.


I'm learning more and more about olive oil and have started to understand why chefs love it so much.


This is Stonehouse Olive Oil and I think the display was perfect for those who are learning about olive oil and vinegar.


B is really a minimalist in his cooking. He prefers simple ingredients and can really show case quality ingredients like this Persian Lime Olive Oil.


Liquid gold. Perfectly highlighted on these shelves like the fine commodities they are.


This store was created for B. The front featured a Sycip bicycle (one of our table names was Sycip after this company) and the shop itself was all about pork.

They use this bike for downtown delivery.


Boccalone is a Salumeria. I've never even seen the word salumeria before but it's a store of hand-cured meats as well as panini and other tasty salted pig parts.


I love this hand-cranked manual slicer.


Cured meats are weird looking.


Hmmm, very interesting but weird.


They make about 20 different kinds of salame, salumi, whatever.


Besides, where else can you get a cone of salumi, salami, salame, um, meat?


The Book Passage is unique and fantastic. There is a van shuttling books from Corte Madera store to San Francisco so commuters can order a book in the morning and pick it up after work.


These 2 stores are host to 700+ events throughout the year. "Book Passage has served the Bay Area for more than 30 years, providing the community with an array of author events, writing and language classes, and highly-respected, annual writing conferences: Conference for Children’s Writers & Illustrators (in June), Mystery Writers Conference (in July), and Travel Writers & Photographers Conference (in August)."

People travel from around the world to participate in many of these events. The list of authors that have spoken at the Book Passage stores are unbelievable, from Nobel prize winners and presidents to first time authors. There are some that say they got their start from the Book Passage.


Owned by husband and wife team Elaine and Bill Petrocelli the Book Passage has done nothing but grow and influence since it's opening in 1976. They also feature several blogs including the author blog, the Book Passage Blog and both owners Elaine and Bill write on the Huffington Post.

Someday I'd like to see the store in Marin County. It covers some 13,000 square feet and includes a set of classrooms.


Last but certainly not least is Miette Patisserie.


I'm warning you now that I took about 46 photos because the place was so stinkin' cute. I love the way the cookies were stacked in their little containers.


I want these tiny little pot de creme and panna cottas. You receive $1 back if you return the little pot.


How precious are these candy flowers?! The description tells us that they've been made since the 15th century. Originally created by nuns of Santa Chiar for weddings they are still being made today in Italy.

I agree with the suggestions that these would be sweet at place settings or as party favors. Heck, I might want an entire wedding bouquet made from candy.


I was snapping pictures of the cases as they were taking down plates and vases and filling them with goodies.


Does anyone else have the desire to collect cake plates now?


These little lemon cookies are so precious on this perfect mini cake plate.


I love the little tables and display pieces.


I need this refrigerator. Need.


I wonder if they sell their display pieces?


Oh but this is what it all came down to. Macarons.

Not Macaroons which are the coconut cookies. These are Macarons which is pronounced like macaroni without the i on the end. If you would like to try your hand at making them stop by Tartelette. She has been traveling aound teaching classes on this delicacy specifically.


This was my first Macaron and it certainly won't be my last. I expected something crisp, hard and maybe a bit crumbly. What I got was a light crispness on the outside and almost a chewiness. Almost. It was like you thought your teeth were going to stick to it and then it sort of just melted away in your mouth. Miette uses whole almonds with the skin on which is why you can see flecks of it in the picture. They use all natural ingredients and flavorings.

They are heaven. Go find a macaron now.

I think that concludes our trip to the Ferry Building. At least until the next time I get to San Francisco...


  1. I think that a trip to San Francisco is in order! And looky here! Spring break is next week! Guess I know where I'm going... :)

  2. When you first wrote about the Ferry Building in the other post, I was just reading a book set in SF and it mentioned the Ferry Building! Don't you find it strange that once you read about or hear about something, then it seems to be popping up everywhere ? :)

  3. I love the little pastry/candy shop! Oh and it was love at first bite for me and macarons as well! :)

  4. This looks like heaven to me!

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  6. Thank goodness I had lunch before I read this post.

  7. TASTY SALTED PIG PARTS... Awesome! I hope they sell tshirts.

  8. I always learn something I didn't know each time I pass by here. You are simply amazing and the information you share well it's simply delicious!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  9. Yay, I'm glad you got to check out the olive oil. Everytime I pass that place I drool. Those cookies look incredible. I must make a trip to SF soon!

  10. You know that I wish I was there with you:)

  11. Those are some macarons. The first I ever had was from there as well. Yum!

  12. Salty pig parts?? GROSS! Lovin' the lemon cookie and all the cute shops. If I ever get there it will be high on my to-do list:)

  13. If ever I get to go ... I'm going to have to buy a trunk to ship back all I want to bring home! What a place!!!!!!!!

  14. Ahh, Macarons! Perfect ending to this post of yummies. Now I'm headed over to Tartelette to see if this can be a do-it-yourself project!

  15. Hee hee, tasty salted pig parts.. tee hee hee.

    I love Miette Patisserie too. I totally spelled that wrong. Too lazy to scroll up to see how it's spelled.

    I DO collect pedestal cake plates and that photo made my blood pressure rise and my mouth go dry. NEED MORE CAKE PLATES!!! MUST GO PURCHASE NOW!!

  16. When I come to San Francisco next time (maybe this summer) can we go together? Please say yes.


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