Thursday, July 23, 2009

I want a Mad Hatter's Tea Party...don't you?


I saw this tea party and was overwhelmed with eye-candy! My mind raced with ideas. I emailed my mom and my best friend and of course, I have to share it with you.

I love that it is both whimsical and sophisticated. It is bold and delicate and.....I'm in a full on fantasy right now. The tea reminds me of a daydream I would have when I was little. When I grow up I will have afternoon tea with the other ladies and it will look like this....

The lovely and talented photographer is Adrienne Gunde. She also happens to be my wedding photographer! Aren't I lucky?

Joanna is new to the event planning scene but if this tea party is any indication of what Joanna Events can do, than they'll be taking off in no time. This affair was planned for her mother's birthday and inspired by Alice In Wonderland (in case you didn't get the mad hatter reference). I love the vivid colors and mixture of textures. It has the sort of random, mismatched but coordinated feel I adore... if that makes sense at all.

The flowers are so charming! I am already looking around my apartment for fun containers to use. Winners of the tea party games were able to take home an arrangement of their choice. How do we get on your guest list Ms. Joanna? The interwebs would like to know.

paper flower

Look at these handmade paper flowers that were planted just for me.. I mean for the guest of honor.

Don't even get me started on the food. The baby cakes, the tea sandwiches, the scones, all the deliciousness was made by Joanna's mom. You'll want to jump into the picture and try a bite of each and every one.

So go on over and check out this Mad Tea Party on Adrienne's blog and tell me what you think!

Oh and if you happen to have a fancy and rather large hat... please put it on now.

One more thing... does anyone have a little girl I can borrow for a quick tea party? I asked B if he would have one with me (a tea party not a little girl- you can all just settle down) but I don't think my feathered hats will fit him quite right. And if you go and have a tea party without me, please send pictures.

I'm done rambling now. So sorry. Sometimes I just get a little caught up. Did you look at the site yet?


  1. Hmm for some reason I'm cutting off the right side of the picture... sorry folks! Adrienne is much better at this than I am :)

  2. This post.. and these pictures make me happy! Thank you for sharing. And BTW, I notice some of my blog photos are cut off also - depending on which monitor I'm viewing on. Pretty sure it's a blogger thang, and not us (of course) :) -tammy

  3. I'm a fan of random, mismatched, but coordinated. :)

    My sister-in-law had a little lunch party in the garden after her tea ceremony (held indoors). They also had different paper lanterns strung up, which I thought was a very nice touch.

  4. Ohhhhhh WHAT!? That is tooo cute! And yes, you can borrow Grace for a tea party any time. She'll come in her princess dress AND tutu AND feather boa (with long sleeves and winter pants underneath of course). Hey, are you going to have a Mad Hatter wedding? :o)
    PS "but I don't look nearly as adorable in a onesie" That got a loud guffaw out of me this morning! :oD

  5. How wonderful to play tea party!!!

    What a great idea! I'm suppose to have some girls over, perhaps we'll make it a tea party!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. I saw you commented on my photo blog--yes, I'm the picture taker. Thanks for your nice comments. I really enjoy photography!

  7. Oh Tammy I'm sure its blogger and not us :)

    Buckeroo I love paper lanterns, I have two in my house.

    Elle- I'm not having a Mad Hatter wedding... but I am having a winter wonderland! Seriously, I am.

    And I think every cottage girl should have a tea party.

  8. whimsical and sophisticated
    bold and delicate
    Perfect descriptions!
    I love it!

  9. You can borrow my Sloane. As long as I'm invited, too. I can hardly wait to see your wedding photos. Do tell us more.

  10. Oh my gosh I want to do that soooo bad...and I want to have a wedding dress tea party...I need to wear that bad boy again...I love the colors I am going to have to find a reason to do something like this soon! What an amazing photographer!

  11. Anyone need an Urban Cowboy over for tea?

  12. my kind of party....can we spike the tea?

  13. This is so gorgeous! I'm a huge fan of using lots of color for outdoor parties.

  14. Yes, I went there. Yes, I left a comment. And yes, I linked twice through there! This was fun today!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment!

  15. Yay! You're all so much fun!

    Hmmm, I hadn't thought of having a spiked tea party...I'm not sure how long I'd last at a Long Island Iced Tea party... but we could try.

  16. Oh yay! Thanks so much for the post of my event! Adrienne did a wonderful job! It was seriously such a fun event to plan. Definitely stop by my website for more events and ideas!

    P.S. A winder wonderland wedding!?!?! =D Got an event planner yet? I've already got ideas rolling in my head!


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