Sunday, October 21, 2012

During the house hunt


First off, may I say that the housing market is not what everyone still thinks it is.
It's tough out there.

We saw a gazillion houses, some of which were very nice and some were very... interesting.

This has to be my favorite picture from our house hunt.
I could have created an entire blog on the additions built in this house.

For instance, after taking a look in their normal hallway bathroom, my mom turned to the right and opened the hallway closet......

to find this instead.

A bathroom.  In a closet.  Right next door to the bathroom.

I will say that with the 6 bedrooms, half of which were added on, in a slanted ramshackle way, they probably needed an extra bathroom.

Can you imagine going to the bathroom in here?

One dim over head light and barely room to breathe, let alone turn around.

I should have known it was going to be like this when I entered the "foyer" to find myself looking at what was perviously the front of the house.

How do I know it was previously the front of the house?

Well, because they didn't change anything.  It still had the exterior stucco, the porch light and a blank spot where they moved the mailbox.

I wish I had taken more pictures of this house but I think the one above says it all!


  1. Not a pleasant look . . . or thought! Almost leaves one with . . . REALLY!

  2. Hehehe! I understand. We are house hunting here in Oregon and finding the same type of things. Just makes you scratch your head and wonder! Good luck!!!

  3. You need to find a way to go back to that house and take more pictures!!!

  4. Ohhhhhhh, and I thought we had some interesting house hunting episodes. That pretty much tops it. And no I would never want to go in there!!

  5. Oh my! It's surprising to see a toilet in a very narrow space like that. Who would want to take a peek, or even do the call of nature in that toilet? I wouldn't have been comfortable in there as well. :) Anyway, have you found the right house for you? It's kind of hard to look for the best house, but make sure you search for your house prospect thoroughly, so that you wouldn't regret it after buying it.

  6. hahah! That's so funny. We saw so many weird houses on our search for our home. We saw some covered in graffiti from previous owners, and some with the weirdest layouts. Giant bedrooms, but tiny living rooms. What were the builders thinking? So glad you found the house you did!

  7. I just helped my son find/buy a house. Every single home in his price range had the refrigerator in the dining room! Seriously. They were old miners' houses that were built before refrigerators were as big as they are now. We bought the first one that had a refrigerator in the kitchen!

  8. Oh, you should’ve taken more photos! :D But seriously, you should’ve! House hunting compels wandering from one house to another. My technique is to take as many pictures of the home features as I can, so by then, I can compare them. This helps me a lot in deciding which one to buy. =)


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