Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mia's Bee Birthday


Miss Mia turned 1 year old in December but I haven't had the time to post about it until now.

So you've been missing out on this amazing party that her mama Joanne (and her husband Mike) put together.

Picnik collage

You can imagine how excited I was to find out that it was a Bee theme.

Despite the fact that this particular day there were freakishly strong Santa Ana winds tearing through Orange County, the party was picture perfect and tons of fun.

The kids had little bumble bee snacks made from snack bags and painted clothespins.
There were antennas for all the little bees to wear as well.

Picnik collage

This little bee was all over the place.
If Auntie Jen hadn't been there watching out I never would have been able to snap any pictures.


Is this not the cutest, most creative thing ever?
Yep, they put this together.

Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of any of the kids in it because I think Peanut was busy putting rocks and dirt in his mouth, but really, this is one of those ideas that will spread like wildfire.

Picnik collage

Another amazing game they put together is the honeycomb hunt.

Each child was able to break through the honeycomb to grab their prizes.

I can only imagine how long they worked on creating all these things.


Of course I was immediately drawn to the dessert table, as always.

Not pictures was another table full of awesome Vietnamese food as well as hamburgers, hot dogs and salads.  I had some of everything and Peanut had his first egg roll.

Picnik collage

The dessert table had everything from the amazing beehive cake and cupcakes to rice crispy treats, cookies, kettle corn and oreo truffles.

Isn't that cake amazing?!

Picnik collage

I also always love looking at the photos of baby's first year.
It's incredible how much they change, every day you hit a new milestone.

Picnik collage

Let's all discuss this tutu.  Holy yellow fluff.
This is why I need to have a baby girl.
Or maybe why I don't need to have a baby girl.

She is the cutest little thing ever!
She takes after her mom, obviously.

Picnik collage

As party favors the kids were given age appropriate bee books.

Peanut absolutely loves his Buzz-Buzz Busy Bees book, complex with 3D bees.

Picnik collage

He was super excited about this cluster of balloons.

He wanted to take them all with us.
I wanted to take them with us too.  Who wouldn't want polka dot balloons?

Picnik collage

Little Harlow was just loving the swing at the park,
while Peanut sat and covered himself in sand, which is all he really wants to do at parks anyway.


Thank you Joanne and Mike for a wonderful party and tons of fantastic ideas :)

Happy Birthday Mia!


  1. HI,

    So kewl ideas for party favors for kids.Thanks and keep updating.

  2. what an adorable idea. her little bee outfit is PRECIOUS!

  3. Oh I love everything about that party! What fun!!!

  4. How cute!!!!! Love the Bee theme.

  5. I think that is hands down the cutest first birthday party theme I've ever seen!

    1. I seriously have the most creative friends!

  6. oh I love all the creative ideas. That honeycomb hunt is amazing! You and your friends are so inspiring! Awww that tutu. So so cute.

  7. Oh my!! I can't decide if I really, really admire creative people or if they make me crazy! haha What fun and amazing ideas!

  8. Oh what fun that party was and cute! Oh gosh, Mia is simply adorable, loved the bee outfit.


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