Tuesday, January 24, 2012

#4 / 52 Food Adventures: Veggie Chips


Although I never intended for this to be a challenge on cooking,
 we just haven't tried anything new at the restaurants we've been to.

We've been focusing on using all the gorgeous fruits and veggies from our CSA.
We've now decided that we're going to try and made everything into chips.

Picnik collage

Kale chips, which aren't pictured, are very popular in our house.
Everyone likes them, even the Peanut.

Although, I'm pretty sure Peanut likes them because
 he thinks he's getting away with eating crunchy paper.

Picnik collage

May I also say that I had to overcome my fear of the mandolin for this weeks adventure.
My mom broke out her fancy professional one and I concentrated hard on keeping all my fingertips and knuckles because, believe me, I've seen a lot of people lose both on this thing.

I tried beet chips and butternut squash chips and liked them both with a few adjustments.
The beet chips were really tasty.  I think I would just use a oil spray on the cookie sheet and then a light spray over top instead of tossing in oil.

The butternut squash recipe was a little hit and miss but that was mainly because I sliced all of my squash too thin.  I think next time I would do them thicker and maybe lower the temp a bit.


I thought I would try and get a pretty picture of my beet chips.

I took out all my bestest chips and stacked them up,
put a cutting board behind to eliminate all the background "noise"
and right as I picked up my camera it fell on my pretty posed chips.



Then I quickly brushed the crumbs into my hand and shoved them in my mouth.

What did you try this week?


  1. We love "Root Chips" at our house . . . (and I love keeping my fingers and knuckles too). Would you share oil spray you use, and temperature you use for baking? Thanks for the "stacked chips" smile . . .

  2. Lol I love how you just tell us about your photo disaster. You crack me up. I did try something new. Sauteed apples in coconut oil with vanilla and cinnamon with crushed pecans and coconut cream. Mmmm... all natural apple crisp. It was delish.

  3. this may actually happen in our house. i just learned how to make potato chips in the microwave. you inspired me to get my groove on with beets, went to the store and they were OUT! what??

  4. I'm planning to try some Kim Chi!

  5. I still need to try making these! Our oven just broke though, so we'll see when it actually happens. =[ here's my week's adventure!


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