Thursday, December 8, 2011

Good Morning Christmas Tree


Yesterday we finally went out and got our Christmas tree.

I've been looking forward to it and also sort of dreading it just a wee bit.

Last night after Peanut went to sleep I decorated the tree.


This morning before he walked into the living room I turned on the lights and got my camera ready.

All these shots are taken from the video below.

It never occurred to me that he would be excited about decorations this year but he seems to love them. 


He loves the lights and the ornaments.

There are no breakable ornaments on the bottom half of the tree and 
all of the ornaments are really twisted on to the tree in 
case some little monster were to pull it down.

Not that that would ever happen.

At my parents house he starts to ooooh and aaaaah and say "Wow wow wow wow!"
the minute we get out of the car.

I included a video of his first glimpse of the tree at their house.
It's really adorable.

We'll see how long these trees make it with the moose running around.

I've also noticed that he is constantly covered in glitter.

Oh well, a little sparkle never hurt anybody.


  1. He is so darn cute. I love the "wow"ing. :)

  2. This has to be the cutest thing ever. I'm so STOKED he loves Christmas. :)

  3. Oh moose, you are the cutest. I love that he's noticing ornaments! He was born into the right family to love Christmas, that's for sure!

  4. That is really just too precious for words! Peanut is walking! I missed that! But of course he is. Ah. I'm just out of the loop!! The sounds coming out of his mouth are beyond cute. Beyond!!!


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