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Christmas Decor at tpt home, costa mesa

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Are you ready for a marathon of Christmas decorations, inspiration and trinkets galore?

I really meant to post about tpt home back before Easter and here we are in Christmas.

But if I thought Easter was spectacular then Christmas just blew me away.

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tpt home is a ginormous store in the SOCO Center you see off the 405.

It's packed with home decor of all types.

It attracts designers, interior decorators, party and event planners, 
wedding planners and people like us who want to decorate or even transform their space.

Don't you love all the wintery accent pieces they have?

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The products range from very cheap to some pricier items
but none of the items will compare in price to what you would have to pay
in a designer store.

Normally the majority of their stock aren't themed like you find at Christmas.

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But at Christmas you find incredible displays every way you turn.

I loved the little bit of sparkle on the tips of this foliage.

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Some tables or areas are simply tons of product set together in a pretty display for you to pick from.

I didn't notice them at the time but I love those green, red and white
 whatchamacallits in the bottom left corner.

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I also loved this holly tree. 

Simple, modern, with the perfect amount of sparkle and snow.

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Although it may not all be your style, you could find inspiration everywhere.

I love these wreaths hanging off these vintage mirror doors.

Everything is for sale, including the pieces you see the items on, like the doors themselves.

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I'm really loving all the natural looking elements with snow and frost on them.

In tpt, they use the entire space to their advantage.

Things are hung from the ceiling, stacked on the floor and poised on tables.

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There are loads and loads of fully decorated trees.

Near each tree you find bins of all the objects you need to create your own masterpiece.

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All I have to say is THANK GOD we didn't have this place before my wedding.

I went with a winter theme and all these icy elements are right up my alley.

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These are really hard to see but there are these whimsical light strands 
that sort of hang down in soft curls.

I need these in my house.  Or my room. 

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The trees are in so many different color combinations.

I love the fall colors on the right.
It is rich and warm and decadent.

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They also have a really impressive selection of artificial trees.

Growing up I always had a small flocked tree in my room.

I loved my little tree.

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They have kinds I've never seen before.

All variations of flocking,
all variations of pine needles.

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Although I've never been a fan of artificial trees (Christmas just wouldn't be the same)
I can say that if I ever decided to get one,
I would probably come here and spend a couple hundred dollars on an amazing one.

I briefly thought about getting a fake tree this year.
My plan was to go the complete opposite of a regular Christmas tree.

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I figured that I may as well go all the way and flip my tree upside down like this one.

I've seen them around a couple times and I love the way they look.

Super fun and I'm thinking a future kids room with a big upside down tree....
with a little less decor on it.

I also wanted a aluminum or white tree instead of a green one.

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Of course, I fell in love with this silver tipped tree.

You didn't really notice the glitter at first but the lights were just glowing and bouncing around it.


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Are you looking for trees?

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Perfect polka dot dishes to stuff with goodies and give to friends?
$2.97 each and they would make a perfect hostess gift.

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Maybe you just need some serving pieces for the parties you'll be throwing.

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Forget red and green, how about pink and blue baubles for you?

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Maybe you could just indulge in one pretty piece to center a display around.

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I'm still dying over the wintery woodland details.

I need these frosted pieces of wood.

I see these laying across a mantel where you would get the full effect of the snow on top.
Flickering candlelight, sparkling snow.

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Frosted trees are a great way to show off bold ornaments.

Did I mention you can by the fully decorated trees?
Oh yeah.

And yes, they are crazy expensive.
I mean, look at the amount of things they've attached to those trees!

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Green, blue, copper and white.

Really unique with peacock details.  
People are so creative.

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Modern, sophisticated, swanky, luxurious.

Black, silver, metallic chocolate and crystal.

Perfect to carry over to New Years.

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Gorgeous traditional archway with ribbon hung stars and berry accents.

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Individually it may not work for you but in a display this just sparkles.

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Speaking of sparkle....

from garlands to wreaths to little accent pieces, tpt has everything you could think of.

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I'm wondering if they are going to have an after Christmas sale.

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I'm not sure that Peanut knew we were in a store....
I mean, for all he knew I was taking him on some fun Christmas adventure.

So head on over to tpt home and do some last minute Christmas decorating!

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  1. I was reading all of the way to the end thinking, "I wonder if they'll have a sale on the 26th?" Meet you there!


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