Friday, October 7, 2011

Peanut's Baptism

Picnik collage

Although we just got back from Sacramento and I have tons to share, 
I wanted to back track to a very special day in September.

Last month we had little Peanut baptized.

Picnik collage

The baptism started just after normal nap time and the Peanut was so tired 
I wasn't sure he was going to make it through the ceremony.

When we approached the baptismal font he perked right up and the chance to play in the pool.
He splashed around, trying to twist towards the water.

He was wet, the deacon was wet and a few of us were wet also.

Everyone agreed that we should have done the full immersion, 
if only to see how excited he would have been to be in the water.

It was really cute.

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At the preparation class they mentioned the changing of the clothes into
a white garment after the baptism with water.

I loved that idea.

My family thinks I'm crazy.
Does anyone remember my veil-switching and  dress altering
 during my wedding ceremony and reception?
You can see the changes here.

Anyway, in the picture above Peanut is being blessed with more oil then you can imagine.
It was dripping down his face.
His hair was greasy for 2 days.

He smelled very.... sacramental.

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Or as B would say... he must smell like Jesus!

My sister kissed his oily head and her lips went numb.
Perhaps there is clove in there?

Poor kid probably couldn't feel his head.

Peanut did wonderfully and it's such a sweet and powerful sacrament.

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It felt good and right and inspiring to be there.

Afterward we headed back to my mom and dad's for a little celebrating.

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This is only a very small portion of what we had to eat,
which included
savory artichoke & spinach bread pudding,
breakfast potatoes,
tomato corn pie,
summer salad,
Puerto Rican garlic pork leg,
fresh fruit and of course,
lots of cheese.

Raise your hand if your baptized today!

Picnik collage

I saw these yarn balls on pinterest and had to try them out.
I'll post a review later.
This is a messy project but the result looked good.

We decorated with them as well as hydrangeas.

I adore hydrangeas.

Picnik collage

Tina made these chocolate suckers.
The ones on the left have sprinkles and the ones 
on the right have crushed lemon drops.

You could do so many things with crushed candies!

Picnik collage

I made 2 different cakes.

I know it's crazy but I didn't want to run out.

I bought the gum paste flowers on etsy.

I think it would have held up better if it were refrigerated after making.
I finished it the night before and it sort of sagged.

Fantastic chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling and a vanilla buttercream.
It was really good.

Picnik collage

This one held up beautifully and I think it's really pretty.

I will post a recipe for this which was really a hodge podge of recipes 
used to create what I had in my mind.

Lemon & Blueberry Layer Cake
Soooo delicious.

Picnik collage

Here is Peanut with his godparents!

Thank you Tina & Rick, I know you will be wonderful godparents.

At the top is Peanut with Bryce who is my godson.

Picnik collage

This is what happens when you try to get a nice picture of 
exhausted, delirious Peanut with his great-grandma.

Oh Peanut.


  1. Yay Peanut! Congrats - and I really, truly, actually LOL'd at B's comments on the lingering scent of baptismal oil.

    I was just thinkin' about you the other day - I'm so glad all is well! :)

    - J

  2. So precious!!! So cute!!! Everything was beautiful!!!

  3. Congratulations to you & B & Peanut! Baptism is the first of many beautiful sacraments we can avail ourselves of throughout our life. We had our son baptized when he was just a week old (he's 8mo now). Afterwards we had the family over for homemade icecream and my husband's homemade chili. Mmm. :)

  4. Oh how sweet! So happy for him. Everything turned out beautiful. Both of the cakes looked delish!

  5. Cake #2? I don't know what that is but I must know how to make it.

    And Peanut? That child just gets cuter and cuter every day.

  6. Well yay PEANUT! Those are great pictures Dawn. What a special day surrounded by loved ones and your family. All that food! All that Jesus oil;) Oh what fun. Have a great weekend girlie.

  7. The cakes are beautiful. I love Peanut's enthusiasm for his baptism! ("Smells like Jesus" -- LOL!) Baptisms make me cry. So beautiful.

  8. Congrats Peanut! What a special day! I love the goofy, sweet, fun personality Peanut radiates in all the photos. We are just planning our little Cricket's baptism. It's always a special time. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Peanut: adorable! Your cakes: fantastic!!! what an awesome day.

  10. Congrats on Peanut's baptism! That was my church for 28 years. I went to school there, was married there and baptized my son there too!
    ( My son slept thru the ENTIRE ceremony! We all laughed as Father poured water all over his head and he just kept sleeping!!)


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