Sunday, October 16, 2011

Feeding the fish


These pictures were taken the last day of our visit in Sacramento.

One of the major advantages of staying with grandparents is that when Peanut would wake up
at 6 am we could pass him off and go back to sleep.

B's mom wakes up at like 4 am.

Anyway, one morning I came out and they were having some kind of dance party.
Apparently Peanut really likes oldies, jazz and classics.
That's my boy!

Picnik collage

Other mornings, after bundling up they would go the the pond in the back yard and feed the fish.

Yeh-yeh is obviously very helpful in bundling up the baby :)

Yeh-yeh (pronounced yeah yeah) is what Peanut will call grandpa when he gets bigger.

Picnik collage

Peanut loved sitting with Yen-yen (grandma) and and watching the fish.

Picnik collage

I don't think he understands that you can get into the water like you can a pool.
Thank God.

 I feel like he might have been spending his time trying to splash around with the fish.

Isn't it incredibly relaxing and pretty?
You can hear the water through the window in our room and it just lulls you to sleep.


Fish are funny.

Peanut has perfected the nose crinkle.

Thank you Yeh-yeh and Yen-yen for taking such good care of him!

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