Monday, February 8, 2010

Domestically Challenged

I think its well established that I like food. What you may or may not know about me is that I don't cook. I know, how can I not cook?


During my bridal shower we did a little quiz to see how well people knew me. How many times a month does Dawn cook? The answer was 3. This was very confusing for many who kept thinking they read the question wrong. You mean 3 times a week? No, 3 times a month. A week? No, a month. As the wedding drew closer and I got busier, that 3 turned into 0.

You see B and I have a bit of a role reversal. You can all say that there aren't clear defined roles anymore and that is pretty true. But still I find that our situation is different than many. In our relationship I bring home the bacon (or the majority of) and B does the general tidying, caretaking and cooking at home (as well as working). I say tidying because the man is horrible at cleaning. When we have kids the plan was always for B to be the primary caretaker.

Before I go off on a tangent about the balance of our relationship, lets get back to the food. It always comes back to the food, doesn't it?


B went to culinary school and then went on to work for Roy's Restaurant for many years. He is fantastic in the kitchen and I thank God every day (during dinner) that I married him. My mom is a fantastic cook as well and yes she has passed on some recipes. To be honest, I'm just not that good. So with B and my mom around I just never jump in. Thank goodness for B that my mom never really adjusted to cooking for 2 so she sends him food on a regular basis.

I do make appetizers and dips. I can handle that. I also make creamed corn and tomato pie. I bake weekly but its usually just cookies or bars. I don't do dinner. I have timing issues. Perhaps if we could serve dinner one dish at a time?

This all seems rather odd since I spend hours reading blogs on food and recipes. I have a firm belief that wearing cute aprons will help me make my domestic dreams a reality. The first one is vintage and the second from Anthropologie, both gifts. I typically wear them as I sit and watch cooking shows. Watching cooking in my aprons.

So in an effort to be a better wife, future mother and citizen of the US of A, I have decided to start cooking.

Please send help, and tums, and a fire extinguisher. Are you a domesic goddess? Any tips?


  1. While I commend you on your goal to become someone who cooks, I can honestly say you will not be getting any tips from me. I can NOT cook. At ALL. and I don't even have my mom or a lovely husband to cook for me. It's sad. It truly is. So all I can give you is a sincere "Good Luck!" and when you figure it all out, invite me over for dinner! :)

  2. I think you already know that I am extremely enamoured with the cooking process, I have timing issues too but that goes away with lots of practice. I think that B probly has all kinds of spices and what not so ingredients wont be an issue right? start with simple and fancy it will boost your self esteem...make marinated veggie sandwichies with pesto and some pretty sprouts of some kind. no timing issues there!!! email me if you want some more in depth ideas!

  3. Learn to make one thing well. I make pretty doggone good pancakes. And decent bread. Ditto pie. But a "real meal". Not so good. lol

  4. You will do fine. The timing thing takes practice. Don't get discouraged. From what I gather from your blog you have a wonderful husband who will be fine with the time it takes to figure this all out. Good Luck!

    Oh, and soups are wonderful because everything goes in the pot and all you need is a salad to go with it and surprise, you did it..... Oh, and a glass of wine. :-)

  5. I just have to say that I have always wanted that apron. Super cute. Start with simple food, but find really good recipes that really enhance all the basic flavors. I rarely make anything with more than about seven ingredients (part of that is being a cash-strapped college student), but I use recipes that I know will be amazing from chefs and websites I trust. Good luck!

  6. I have every faith that you can do this. My advice is always cook with wine, a good glass of wine can make anything go well!

    And don't get discouraged.

  7. You had me fooled too - I'd have said that you whipped up thrice-baked goat's cheese souffl├ęs on the hour every hour.

    My top tip is: whatever you make, but a pastry-crust on it and call it a pie. People love pies. Salad pies, pea pies, whole sea-bream pies. "Here comes that wonderful pie-girl," people will say, "wearing those fabulous aprons."

  8. What a cute site! I would tell you to take the advice of the late great Julia Child and just jump in. If you cook alone, no one will see your mistakes...

  9. The best advice I have heard is to think of a dish or meal that you really love and learn to make it well. That way you will still be motivated if it isn't perfect the first time.

    The vast majority of my cooking starts with sauteeing onions and garlic. That way, no matter what else happens, the kitchen smells delicious. And, of course, there are a ton of recipes on my blog. =)

  10. ohh goodness what i wouldn't give for a man to cook for me...**sigh**...I say let him if he doesn't mind, unless this is bothering you or you feel like you need to, I think it is ok to have role reversals...i think it is great...! Apparently I am also no help with this post, sorry...I'll go back and sit in my chair quietly now!

  11. We have a bit of a role reversal too - at least in the kitchen. My husband does almost all of the cooking and baking in our household. I actually love to cook - he's just better at it.

    I make sure he's fairly compensated for his trouble, though *ahem*

    Also, I launder his boxers. That should count for something!

  12. No advice here. your aprons, Lucy!! :)

  13. Yay, we have more in common! I'm the baker, Match is more of the cook. I do love to clean though. I have those same timing issues. My side dishes always get cold! That or I run out of cooking ideas and I end up just cooking the same things every week. Reruns as I called them when I was poor children to be. Good luck with the cooking! I think with your foodie tastes and knowledge you're going to do great!

  14. You are so cute! I love the cooking part of it and Boo loves the eating part of it so we're the perfect pair.

    I like how you and B split the responsibilities, he cooks, you bake.

    Plus, sitting in your apron watching food channels counts for something, right?

  15. It's a dream of mine...for my man to cook. How blessed you are. I too wear aprons in the hopes that they will make me WANT to cook. Yours are adorable:)

    BTW...I would kill to be standing under a palm tree right now. I hope you know how wonderful that is!!!

  16. Those aprons are beautiful...I'm jealous! I know you already read The Pioneer Woman, which was my first thought for a recommendation, so I don't really know what to tell you to try next. I also like And my (current) favourite cookbook is Nourishing Traditions, by Sally Fallon.

    But seriously, why mess up such a great system?

  17. You area lucky chica that you can EAT your hubby's cooking. Mine has an aversion to eggs, therefor is not allowed to make cakes anymore. Because he omits the eggs. He asked me how to make macaroni and cheese one time. THE BOXED KIND. Yes, you're a lucky duck.
    My only cooking advice? Make lots of new things, make lots of mistakes, never follow recipes and always leave the dishes for in the morning.

    Oh, I kid. Follow the recipes, but don't get uptight about them. Rules are made to be broken, and usually you're surprised with the good turnout. ;)

  18. I have recently discovered that I hate cooking. Or maybe it's just recently that I hate cooking, I don't know. I'm a picky eater, my son is picky, my husband has been away for dinners and mac and cheese from a box or chicken nuggets has become good enough. Terrible! I do have a few recipes that seem to please everyone, but in general I screw up whatever I cook, even BBQ chicken where the sauce is from a bottle. How do you do that?! I can manage it! I"m tricky like that.
    I do bake though. I bake a wicked chocolate cake. And then I eat it. All.

  19. I am definitely a baker. And an apron wearer. Adore them!

    Since I live by myself, I don't really cook a lot. I can, but it doesn't seem to be worth the effort for just one. But when I do, I often use "The New Best Recipe" by the Cooks Illustrated/America's Test Kitchen people. It covers almost every food and the results are always great.

  20. I didn't cook either! And Jeff had worked in a restaurant as a cook while we were in college, so he was all good in the kitchen. I just felt awkward in the kitchen. But things have changed in the last 9 years that we've been married...oh how they have changed. I, just like you, decided I was going to start cooking. I have to say, we had about 2-3 years of hit and miss dinners. And the misses were, well, how should I say? Horrible! But I've learned so much just by doing and destroying. And watching cooking shows. It'll be fun! An adventure! And just from the way I know you on this blog, I think you'll be so great at it! Yay for new adventures! And I'm sure you should get another apron to commemorate the start-cooking-kick-off!

  21. One of the secrets to enjoying cooking is falling into the rhythm. If you cook daily you catch hold of that rhythm easily and flow with it. But if I don't cook regularly I lose it and then everything I cook is an awful chore and nothing comes out like I want. Which makes it no fun at all. It's just like anything else you do often. The more you practice the better you get at it.

    I admire you and B for defining your own roles and not letting anyone else tell you how to divide your responsibilities. You'll be happier for doing things your way so don't ever let anyone else tell you "how it should be."


  22. I love that B cooks. If you can read a recipe, I think that you can learn to cook. It is a lot of work and if B doesn't mind doing it, then let him. You just do something for him that he doesn't like to do. It all works out in the end.

  23. You are going to do great. I think, like so many other things, the key to cooking well is the confidence that comes with it. If you master that - and the timing - you'll be a whiz in the kitchen.


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