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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Fall Felt Fun


Fall is here and we've pulled out some of the play things from last fall.

This means fall books, a few fall movies and this perfect fall felt board.


This proved to be even more fun this year than it was last year!

He loves putting all the leaves up just right.

Believe me, I am often called out on my faulty leaf placement and 
he'll then correct my placement to suit his design.  

I'm not sure why this is necessary because the highlight of getting all the leaves up is that he then swipes at the tree to watch all the leaves fall down in a heap on the ground.


Peanut just got over a mild case of Pneumonia in which he seemed to go thru long spurts of being tired and very short spurts of crazed energy.

In any case, some easy, quiet, inside play was perfect.


If you want to see how I made this DIY Fall Felt Play Board you can find it HERE!
(or any of the other many places I linked on this post)


  1. Ohhh...I hope Ryder is all better!!! And love the undies photo!!! When he gets older his girlfriends will appreciate that one. Lindsey takes home "classic" Joey pics!!! Ryder is so tall now. See you at his party, but you'll have to make extra, because all I do is eat!!!

  2. Aw here's hoping he's feeling better. I remember the tree from last year! I really need to make this, even though Piglet is probably too young still. But I'm sure he'd enjoy looking at it!

  3. I swear, that peanut gets cuter every time I see him. What a precious boy!!

  4. Speaking of Felt fun! I actually stumbled upon your blog while digging through Google images looking for help with my 8 month old daughter's Halloween costume! I found a gem of a page that you posted back in 2011. With your help I have completed an entire parrot costume from head to toe. I am unable to post the pictures though :(

  5. Thinking of you guys today. I can not believe Peanut is 3 today! Hope you're celebrating big!



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