Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern


I first entered The Night Circus in April, 2012.
I was wandering through the library when I noticed it on the New Books shelf.
The cover was pretty and interesting and the title held a bit of mystery and magic.

I peeked in and looked a bit further and found myself falling deeper and deeper.

When it was chosen by The Bibliophile Support Group I decided to revisit Le Cirque des Reves by way of Jim Dale's audio recording.  I must admit that the first 30 minutes I had to keep reminding myself that Dumbledore had not joined the circus but after 106 hours of HP audio you cannot fault me.

The Night Circus UK

But what about the book?

I cannot remember the last time I read a book so rich in imagery. 

The Night Circus travels the world with no schedule or announcements preceding it's various destinations.
It is open only at night and contains magic, wonders, love and comradery that you can hardly imagine.
Luckily you don't need to imagine, you simply read this book and step across the pages into
 The Circus of Dreams.

Behind the wonders of the circus, behind the Ice Garden, the Illusionist, the Cloud Maze and the scent of caramel in the air, a battle is being fought.  A lifetime feud persists leaving everyone who is a part of Les Cirques des Reves tied to the outcome.  As Celia and Marco duel they each pour themselves into the game and fall into a dangerous and remarkable love.  

Who will win the game and at what cost?


The Night Circus reads much like the circus it describes. 

You start off slowly, working your way in circles, 
picking up bits and pieces of the circus and it's characters along the way. 

You stop here and there just to observe but never knowing what you'll see on the next page, in the next tent, with the next character.  

You are always moving in circles, heading this way, circling back, entering here and leaving just there. 

Pretty soon you find yourself completely inside the circus, 
where you stay until the book ends 
or morning comes.


Although the book does tend to skip around, it didn't seem to bother me at all.  I tend not to read the dates at the chapter start regardless but found that the settings revealed themselves soon enough.

If you like a book that is rich in imagery, romantic, mysterious, magical and compelling, I believe that you'll soon find yourself happy to have read this book.
I daresay that some of you will be donning a touch of red and naming yourselves among a great many Reveurs.

I hope you read this book and come back to tell me how you enjoyed your visit to The Night Circus.

Check out Erin Morgenstern's website and the first bit of the book HERE 
and check out this awesome fan fic artwork!


  1. I absolutely adore this book. ADORE!!

  2. I should check out the audio. Normally I don't do both (I'm not a big re-reader in general) but this is one book that I'd love to re-experience that way.


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