Wednesday, April 4, 2012

In which my MIL does it all

Picnik collage

My fantastic mother-in-law flew out last Wednesday when my mom had surgery
so that she could take care of the Peanut while mom was recuperating.

We're so lucky to have family that loves Peanut (and us) so much that they'll do things like that.

She stayed Wednesday through Sunday and proved that it is indeed possible to:

watch the baby
and keep the apartment clean
and spoil the baby
and make dinner, all of which were special requests, 
from scratch
every single day.

She also nearly finished 2 books.


Did I mention that she watched Peanut and made dinner and 
the place was cleaner then when she got here?

I'm pretty sure she blew my cover because it's taken me 
17 months to convince B that none of that was possible.

But can she do all that AND browse Pinterest and Facebook?
Can she?  Huh?!


The outlook isn't good, my friends.

We're running out of leftovers from her visit
and there are toys everywhere
and there are dishes in the sink

wait a minute... where is that kid anyway?


  1. awww that's so sweet of your MIL! I wish mine knew how to cook. ;-) Luckily the FIL does. I hope your mama's surgery went well. Those pictures of Peanut are so sweet! Lil snuggler!

  2. She's awesome. :) Hope your mom's feeling better...

  3. What an awesome mother-in-law! And seriously, who could not love that precious kid!

  4. TG for MIL and giving you "mom time.". Hope all is well . . .

  5. Love your MIL (aka "Auntie Nanci") but darn if she doesn't make the rest of us "normal" moms look bad! :) (and I mean that in the best way, if you are reading this, Auntie Nanci!!)

  6. I'll bet that she loved every single minute of it! Spoiling grandchildren isn't really work, it's just instinctive...


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